I called this a lighter version of my HG foundation, MAC StudioFix.

With MAC’s exclusive Marine-Bright Formula and Super-Duo Charge Water, the foundation is not the only one on the range.


Yes, they’re all skin care with the latest in brightening technology in hand. The difference between the previous Lightful series and these is the potent addition of vitamin C. As you might already know, Vitamin C will boost that brightened effects on skin, resulting flawless look. Originally developed for Asian market, now they’re available globally with different packaging (previous one was dotty version, now they come in gradated silver holographic pattern). 

What’s missing in the counter is the Eye Cream, which was delayed (thanks to BPOM as always). But MAC Indonesia’s reassured it will come soon. But you can try others first, like their moisture cream, essence, softening lotion and cleanser. 

Being a huge fan of MAC StudioFix, I got my hands on their Foundation. What differs them? First, the packaging. It’s refillable. Yup, if you buy the foundation, it comes with the empty compact to house the foundation. Even though it’s more expensive: the compact costs Rp 160.000 and the foundation costs Rp 540.000 (compare to StudioFix which costs Rp 500.000 altogether), it’s all worth it! 


Originally, I used NC 30 for my StudioFix, but they ran out of that shade (yes, already) for this Lightful C Foundation, so I try my luck with NC 25. Same like StudioFix, it’s very long wearing with medium to full coverage. It has different sponge though, thicker & double sided (so you can use this as a foundation or finishing powder, depends on which side of sponge you chose). 

Well, apparently I’ve found a new addiction. I feel this Lightful C Foundation works better on my oily skin. It stays matte longer than StudioFix, blends better, and feels lighter too. With crazy summer ahead, this will be my foundation arsenal for sure. 


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