Rejoice, fellow salon lovers. There’s a new hair salon in town. And it’s a premium one too!

Last week I was invited to the launch of JOHNNY ANDREAN PREMIUM SALON in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. Johnny Andrean was such an iconic hair salon owner. It was 37 years ago that he built his first hair salon, and this year, he and his wife, Tina Andrean launched their premium salon due to their client’s high demand for premium hair care services. 

So they renovated their previous salon on the same spot in Plaza Senayan, to match their premium services. It’s more luxurious and comfortable when I saw it and of course, the products they’re using will be more premium. Enter: Shiseido Professional The Hair Care. Yes, they’re using exclusive range from the Japanese brand (also a favorite of Tina Andrean). Targeting to customers with lifestyle in mind, you can also purchase your favorite hair care from Shiseido Professional’s corner at this premium salon. And, they’re using Max Factor for manicure & pedicure color service for that gel finish without using the UV lamp. 

At the event, they also launched their latest hair color trend, named INSTAGLAM. Inspired by “Tokyo Blend” (a hair stylist community from 9 of the most influential salon in Japan) and coffee, Johnny Andrean teamed up with Shiseido Professional for three color trends: Rose Coffee Roaster, Mocha Espresso & Cherry Latte. Be your own ‘barista’ and choose a color from these warm brownish based colors.


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