Welcoming the first ever tint in oil lip color on the beauty market, VOLUPTE TINT IN OIL from YSL. 

Described as a revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil, truly I was feeling a bit skeptical about this latest invention. I mean, mixing oil with color? Was that even possible? Will the color stick on the lips long enough before that licking temptation? Apparently, nothing is impossible. What you see is the infusion of color with four essential oils to be exact: apricot kernel, coriander fruit, jojoba seed and possiflora seed oil. Using Color Link Infuser technology, it enables the tint particles to dissolve homogenously in the precious oil emulsion.

Another surprising point I found out at their launching event this week at Galeries Lafayette, Jakarta, YSL Beauty Indonesia does carry the total 8 shades available. Priced at Rp 450.000 each, they come in a range of very light to subtly bright colors. If you’re too lazy to swatch, or disgusted to try the testers on the counter due to sanitary reason, just check out the Volupte Codes. Yup. they color matched the ring on the tube with the actual shades inside. IMHO, these are not for those who love intense color on their lips. Nor for those who are looking for long lasting lip color. Their textures are very fluid but emollient enough, they won’t slide and making mess on the lips. Make sure you apply with the ‘Bouche A Bouche’ applicator for more precise & uniform application, though. 

I’ve got No 8 (Pink About Me) to try at home. It does look a bit purplish on the applicator, but once applied, it turned baby pink. Awesome! I love the way it turned my lips into a healthier looking one. That luminous shine is unbeatable, feel light on the lips…and believe it or not, it’s not sticky (actually it felt kind of balmy somehow). Now I know what they meant by “this tint will enhance the natural beauty of the lips”. It will look pretty on those who already born with those naturally pigmented lips. For those who are not so lucky, I recommend using their best pair, ROUGE VOLUPTE SHINE Lipstick beforehand. 

If you’re looking for more natural healthy glow result without looking too wet, try blotting with tissue. Blot once and you’ll get this similar but less wet look on your lips. This is a great alternative for those who got serious chapped looking lips while wearing those ultra-matte lipstick, or just bored with that one dimension stain. Don’t just buy my words, give this tint a try, and you’ll know how Volupte Tint in Oil will make your lips look prettier. 


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