How to do your own Hammam body care ritual at your own bathroom.

This week, I was invited to experience the latest body care range from The Body Shop, WILD ARGAN OIL. Inspired by the Hammam Body Care Ritual (wildly known as The Turkish Bath), they divided the total 10 available products into 3 wide categories: Bathing, Moisturising & Final Touch. 

This range was infused with Community Fair Trade Wild Argan Oil from Morocco. What’s so special about the this organic argan oil? Reportedly, the oil was extracted from the best argan nuts which were hand-cracked by Berber women. Then, the kernels are pressed & filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest oil possible and delivered the most sublime radiance for our skin. 

Having a really dry body skin, I’m quite picky and careful when it comes to choosing body care products. And let me tell you, this range is perfect for those who have extra dry skin who long for that golden glow and skin radiance (think J-Lo’s bronzed skin). My treatment that day started with exfoliation, using “Wild Argan Oil” Rough Scrub. Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘rough’ as the texture is not as stated. I thought the granules were from sugar, but apparently they’re argan shell. With gel texture, the spa therapist applied it on my dry skin and instantly my skin felt softer & smoother. 


After I showered to rinse the exfoliator, the spa therapist recommended me to mix “The Radiant Oil For Body & Hair” (in a spray bottle packaging) and “Wild Argan Oil Body Butter” for body massage, because my body skin was so dry. I love how the combination felt on my skin, buttery yet velvety.


After body massage, I sank into a bath full of bubbles from “Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath”. I was recommended to stay in for 15 minutes, to make sure my extra dry skin got the perfect hydration. And for the final touch, I applied “Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion” allover and the latest “Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil for Body & Hair” on my (also) dry hair. I love this new innovation from The Body Shop. Placed in a tin can, this multi-purpose solid oil came in a balmy texture that surprisingly not sticky. Yet, it glides beautifully when I rubbed it on my hair end, and also on my elbows & knees. Put on a small amount to avoid looking greasy, though. And I believe this work wonder on cuticles too! 


The WILD ARGAN Oil range already available in The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores and an insider told me they just displayed it for about a week and they’re flying off the shelves! Great news, this range will be a permanent body care collection. For more about the products and to shop them online, click here


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