Congratulations LAVIE LASH for their Beauty Bar Grand Opening in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

Is it just me or this faux lashes thing lately become such an ‘it’ must have for beauty junkies in Jakarta? I know, I mean faux lashes are definitely not a new thing in beauty business for sure. But considering that some of the brands are relatively new, they did put a lot of consideration into their faux lashes products. Not just the faux lashes themselves, but the packaging and the services that follow. 

Last year, Lavie Lash was born. They started online and it was such a huge hit, now they open their own Beauty Bar in one of the most prestigious mall in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia. 


Located on level 4, this feminine style Beauty Bar is not only selling Lavie Lash’ beautiful luxurious lashes (I heard Agnes Monica is a fan), but they also offer beauty services, like how to apply their lashes, eye makeup and facial wax!


Judging that I was not an avid user of faux lashes, because (previously) I found them hard to apply and made me hard to blink naturally (duh to synthetics), Lavie Lash might changed my lashes future to the best. Carefully handcrafted using 100% premium sterilized human hair, produced (handmade) by the same factory as leading eyelash brands (I think I know what brands they meant), I’m relieved to know that they’re using top quality materials. After all, these faux lashes will literally glued close to our precious eyes, right? Another plus points are their prices. A single pack including adhesive costs under Rp 50k, and their value pack with five different faux lashes in a box costs Rp 168k. Considering that they can be used up to 8 times (if you took care of them nicely), Lavie Lash will be a beauty investment you might want to start asap. Shop for their collection online, or visit their Beauty Bar now.    


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