As much as this come as a big surprise, I’d like to show my gratitude for Senayan City, one of the most prestigious mall in Jakarta, Indonesia for this wonderful nomination as “The Most Attractive Beauty Blogger”.

I was deeply touched by this recognition and appreciation, it was already an award to myself who started to blog in 2012. Blogging was never a task and will never be one for me. I love to write, I love to review stuffs and I love to share them with the world. 

Thank you for they who already voted for me. And for you who’d like to join forces to vote for me, here’s how: 

  1. Log on to instagram @senayan_city
  2. Find my photo (the exact one like above) 
  3. Click ‘LIKE’

Happy Valentine’s Day. Spread and share the love of blogging to the world. 

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