Thank you to Nano Philosophy, now we have choices and much safer alternatives beauty treatment. 

Once in a while, I found myself in need for an instant result, even though I’m a firm believer of a great skincare regimen. Especially when it comes to my everlasting problem with my under eyes area, just the thought of banishing those dark under eyes in a snap was really tempting indeed. Since I have no fear of injections, I decided to try both Nano Philosophy’s face treatments. 

After first consultation with their in-house female doctor Jeklyn Ruvina Amelia Bee, she recommended injection for my sunken eyes and dark circles. For face lifting, I decided to try Nano Needle-less Delivery System. Before the injection begins, there’ll be allergic test on the hand to see any reactions to the serum. But no need to worries, as allergic reactions are very minimal, thanks to the safe & natural ingredients such as Marine Algae. This injection with growth factor will stimulate cell growth and build up collagen naturally. And dr.Jeklyn said, the result will be instant and even better looking after a week.  

Anesthetic cream will be applied and left for about 15-20 minutes before the injection procedures. After the skin felt numb, injections started. I got 7 shots for each eyes, including for crow’s feet. Great, I didn’t feel any pain. But since I had easily bruised skin, I got one bruise spot below my right eye. For the rest of the eyes area, just barely noticeable ex-injections spots. Everything can be covered easily with the power of concealer. Right after the injections, antibiotic cream will be applied to prevent any infections. 

As you can see above, I took before after pics, right after the injections, so you might see the difference instantly. After a week, I took another pic and I did see a very significant result for my under eyes problem. Well, result speak louder than words and I’m a happy client. 

Then I moved on to another treatment, perfect one for those who don’t want to see any needles shot onto your face. Using the latest European technology, Nano Needle-less Delivery System will penetrate the special serum with no pain of needles shots with the same result but lesser lasting time. In fact, it was kind of nice warm experience, as they’re using the thermotherapy machine, with ultrasound & thermage technology for that deeper infusion into the dermal layers of the skin. Ten minutes rubbed on each cheek and jaw, it felt lifting and I did see my cheeks got less chubby. This treatment is also perfect for those who need to go to party after the treatment, without the worry of bruises. 


For more infos and locations, visit Nano Philosophy’s website, here

PHOTOS: Shinta Rosvita

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