Small and white, clean & bright. This well-known mountain flower is the active ingredient for the latest eye care product from THE BODY SHOP, DROPS OF YOUTH EYE CONCENTRATE. 

Yesterday, me, fellow bloggers and medias were invited to the launch at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta. To refresh our memories, Drops of Youth was actually a part of Nutriganics skincare series which was launched back in 2012. Remember their Drops of Youth Concentrate? Apparently, this face serum which carried the plant stem cells technology from rare Criste Marine is doing very well, The Body Shop decided to create a whole skincare range, Drops of Youth. 

Instead of Criste Marine, Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells from the Alps and Community Fair Trade Babassu Oil from Brazil. As edelweiss plant stem cells possess renowned skin renewal properties, this unique and innovative eye concentrate will refresh the eye contour (including the lids), smoothes out the appearance of lines, bags & fatigue. Perfect for those who long for younger-looking eyes (read:me!). 

It was great to be there at this launch event, as I got some serious knowledge from The Body Shop Indonesia and dermatologist dr. Amaranila Lalita Drijono, Sp.KK. Some of the important points that she shared were:

  • We should always differentiate skin care with eye care, as eye area are more sensitive. She said, a lot of women still use one same product for the whole face. What? Face cream for eyes? Hello???? I’ve used eye cream since I was 17.
  • The way we apply our beauty products is also important. Tugging, rubbing and those high pressure will age us faster. She said, maybe you’ve picked the right products but the way you applied them also counts. 
  • Thank goodness for the technology, as we now lived in an era of Cosmeceutical, cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients to help us repair our skin problems. Imagine those days when skincare only delivered moisturizing properties. 
  • Make sure your eye care product is not only dermatology tested, but also ophthalmology tested, as eye products will come close to the eyes (even entering them).

“Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate is ophthalmology tested,” said Ilya Kamelia, Training Manager & Skincare Expert from The Body Shop Indonesia. At the event, she also demonstrated on model how to apply it. Firstly use, you might need two to three pumps to deliver the concentrate on the roller ball (after the first use, one pump is enough). Then, roll in a figure of 8 motion around the eye area (not just under eyes, but also on the lids). Gently pat afterwards with your ring fingers to help the absorption. She recommends to apply before moisturizer or eye cream on a clean face. But if needed (let’s just say you stare on your computer all day), you can apply it on top of your makeup for instant eye refreshment. You can read the usage instructions from the packaging as well (see above pic).

Available throughout The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores since January 8, 2015 for Rp 439.000 with the rest of the Drops of Youth series (can’t wait to get my hands on them too). Oh yeah, you can also get them online, click here

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