….latest luxurious fragrances from BVLGARI, LE GEMME. 

Last week I was invited by L’Officiel Indonesia to witness the latest launch of these unique fragrances in The Bimasena, The Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. Inspired by semi-precious stones and their historical trade routes, they are named Le Gemme (that’s Italian for the gems). Six pieces of high end Eau De Parfums are: Lilaia (Peridot), Ashlemah (Amehtyst), Amarena (Tourmaline), Noorah (Turquoise), Maravilla (Citrine) and Calaluna (Moonstone). All were created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier and it took her 3 years to create these perfumes. Well, it wasn’t easy to create scents inspired by stones, don’t you think?

At the event, there were only 3 available scents (which apparently only these 3 are sold here in Indonesia): Ashlemah, Lilaia & Maravilla. From all 3, I was attracted the most to the purple bottle, Ashlemah. Inspired by the amethyst, it’s a symbol of perfect balance. The essence of lavender, iris absolute and musk are quite an elegant dream, considering the name Ashlemah was taken from “Achlemah” which means sweet dreams. I am sure I’ll dream about having this one day!

With the bottles inspired by the Roman urns, I wasn’t surprised by the pricing of these luxurious fragrance. I mean, it is Bvlgari, people! 

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