If you do, you’ll love BEYOND, Korea’s number one Eco Beauty cosmetics brand. 

I was surprised when I was told by BEYOND Indonesia’s team, that LG (yes that electronic brand from Korea) was behind this eco beauty brand. Apparently in Korea (which sadly I haven’t visited yet), LG also produced household and health care products. 

Committed to sustainable beauty in consideration for our environment, BEYOND was born in 2005. Practically new, but they do have a total care brand which encompasses Face, Body and Hair Care. They even have products for Kids. With their ‘Eco Values’ belief, they went through the entire process from finding raw materials for ingredients to packaging. Natural ingredients stored in eco-friendly containers, and not tested on animals. That’s really BEYOND. 

Thanks to BEYOND Indonesia, they sent me these two products to try: REAL MINERAL BB & Just BEYOND REAL MINERAL Glow Highlighter. As we all (might probably) know, minerals will let our skin breathe more easily and give that special glow like no other. And these two products did just that. The Blemish Balm (BB) is probably the most lightest BB Cream I’ve ever tested. It didn’t feel like a mask and glides evenly when applied. Yet, this triple functional mineral BB cream is still good enough to cover up imperfections like acne scars and big pores. And talking about pores, natural minerals supposedly won’t block pores, which is a good news for those who have sensitive skin or prone to acnes. It really gives that extra dewy skin look, so if you want it to be more matte, you might considered to dust some loose powder afterwards. Only available in one color, thankfully the shade fits me just right. It didn’t give me that greyish or pinkish tone like some other BB Cream I’ve tried. 

Perfect for highlight, is Just BEYOND REAL MINERAL Glow Highlighter. As the name stated, this mineral compact did give skin an extra glow by its’ own. When applied by provided sponge, it showed tiny shimmers particles without making skin look whiter. However, I recommend not to use this as an all-over face powder, especially if you applied BB Cream previously. Apply with contour brush on the high points of your face (bridge of nose, brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbones) to reflect light off your face. 

Overall, these two products are perfect to give us that dewy, glowing and fresh looking skin for everyday makeup. 

For more on BEYOND, click here or visit their cute BEYOND Eco Atelier (that’s what they called their shops) in Indonesia, in Taman Anggrek, Pondok Indah Mall 1 & Kota Kasablanka (just to name a few). 

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