Revolutionize my cleansing routine with the latest mask from GLAMGLOW, POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT.

Having oily skin, applying makeup almost everyday, can really caused havoc to my skin. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel my skin can’t even breathe (same feeling with the nails blocked by gel nail polish). And yes, I still getting acne, the ones that they called adult acne. I believed it happened because of those buildup from oil+dirt+makeup that somehow trapped inside no matter how clean I cleansed. 

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, they sent me GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DUALCLEANSE TREATMENT to try. And boy this is not an ordinary mask. Uniting the power of mud & oil, this deep cleansing and gentle mask was aimed to release those weekly buildup (they recommend to use this mask once or twice a week). Powerful yet gentle natural ingredients were used to make this revolutionary mask. To cut things short, the ingredients are four clays blend and four cleansing oils, velvet mullein leaf and a complex mix of cleansers, astringents & exfoliators. You can read more about the ingredients, here

Different from GLAMGLOW previous masks that I’ve tried, the texture of this mask is way thinner. Applied on clean, dry face, it’s as tingly as the other GLAMGLOW masks, but (for sure) the lightest of them all. And what really differentiate this mask from the others is the removal method. I left it for about 10 minutes to dry, apply small amount of water and start to remove the mask with circular motion. Along with its’ fruity smell, I can feel the exfoliating sensation and how it emulsified itself to cleansing oil texture. Beauty verdict: it’s refreshing, it’s practical (it’s sort of combining mask, exfoliator and cleansing oil in one!), and it’s softening. Definite must have for those who love to do weekly treatment and detoxifying your skin.  

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