BOURJOIS. From their first creations for theatre actors and actresses way back in 1863, this beauty brand surely keep on blossoming. 

Who could resist the power of that iconic little round pots? Of course, the formula has been improving ever since and Bourjois continue to invent, create and design cute yet feminine products for beauty junkies like us. Being an addict for anything Parisian myself, I love how Bourjois made their products accessible for their affordable price but with a great quality of makeup. Not to mention, they have their own counters in major department stores and easily to get in some of major drugstores here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Oh, and they also launches new looks each season with (again) Parisian style advertisement. So you can imagine their wide range of colors (at their website, they noted 400 shades and 100 of them are renewed each year). 

Last week, Bourjois Indonesia gathered us bloggers at Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia to introduce their upcoming products. Range of GLAMOUR Eau de Parfum (Glamour Fantasy, Glamour Chic, Glamour Excessive and Glamour Lovely), TWIST UP THE VOLUME Mascara, ROUGE EDITION VELVET & CC CREAM. They also sneak a peek of a few products for 2015. 

Adding to their complexion category is the CC Cream with three new corrective pigments inside a tube: Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness & White for anti-dark spots. It’s very lightweight, blend easily and leaves skin look brighter and more even. What awed me the most at the event was their TWIST UP THE VOLUME Mascara. It’s the first Bourjois mascara with (literally) twistable two-in-one brush. Check out my pics above for the close ups of the brush. Very convenient and time saving, as it will give length, definition, and volume with only one item. Each brush position has its’ own function. Position 1 will lengthen and separates the lashes, while position 2 provides even greater volume. When I tested it myself, I was very relieved for its’ clump free result as I found it hard to find a lengthening and volumizing mascara in one which delivered the same result.  

And finally I got the chance to test their most anticipated lipstick, ROUGE EDITION VELVET. Such a huge rave in beauty bloggers’ world, this latest lipstick came with ultra bold matte finish with super pigmented color. Surprisingly light weight in texture, very easy application and incredibly long lasting, they came in 8 glamorous & sexy bold colors (definitely not for the shy). I love how it initially feels like a lip lacquer but then it evolved to this fabulous matte finish, exactly like the one you see in the packaging. Tip: make sure you moisturize heavily and wipe the moist of your lips before applying this lipstick. 

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