Comfortable. Introducing the second Fall/Winter Collection 2014 from UNIQLO’s LifeWear.

Last week I was invited to Uniqlo Indonesia’s event to celebrate their upcoming Fall/Winter Collection, with two top stylists Ayla and DeUt and 4 style people from different professions. 

Uniqlo has a special space in my fashion heart. I used a lot of Uniqlo’s for the upcoming Indonesia’s big screen movie, Supernova, as their wardrobe director. Because I believe Uniqlo is comfortable to wear with good materials and design. Plus, the never ending choices of their layering factor is a bonus for any fashion stylists.

Check out some of their Fall/Winter 2014 line up from the pics above. Which one’s your favorite? Mine will be the parka from Ultra Light Down. Very light (perfect for traveling to a colder climate), and thanks to a sleek lining woven with aluminium fibers, they’re now come with more great heat retention. HeatTech is also one of my fave. Very soft, great for layering as an innerwear and especially for the Women’s HeatTech, they’re infused with camellia oil for silkier and smoother feel. Another soft feel come from their Fleece, Flannel, Extra Fine Merino, Sweats and even their Denim (so stretchy and comfortable, you can split like a ballet dancer with it). 

Since the end of year is approaching real fast, I do believe this collection will come in handy as most of us travel to colder climates for end of year holiday. I can see myself packing with this collection already. 

Thanks to Fame74 for most of the pics above.