Cute when you were 4, not so much when you hit 40. Thank you Eternel Concept Indonesia for a ‘new me’. 

For a woman who had done 2 caesarians, I made a pact to myself (God help me) not to go through any more surgeries for the rest of my life. Pronto! So, needless to say, I am not into plastic surgery. Though sometimes (I have to admit) I thought it’ll be great to have smaller nose and cheeks. But the thought of going under the knifes one more time, it scared me. I am such an open minded person when it comes to beauty treatments (as long as it didn’t involve any cutting and bruising). Once, I went for PRP treatment to fix my chicken pox scars (I had them at 28 years old, so it’s rather impossible to let my skin go back to its’ natural condition). At that time, I realised (in a most hardest way ever) why people said “Beauty is Pain”. It was so painful, I left the clinic (I won’t mention name) with green and blue bruises like I just went through domestic violence. And the bruises stayed there for more than a week, so yeah, it was a traumatic experience. 

I was terrified of needles, injected on my face, worrying that it might left me with the same result as PRP. And boy, I was wrong when I visited Eternel Concept. Located at Jalan Gunawarman 16, Jakarta, I braved myself to try their Face Lifting. Thanks to Titidianti, their Marcomm and Dr Irene, they both assured me that most of their customers didn’t even show any injections wounds after treatment. “It’ll be done with a very tiny needle and what you’ll see was just injection holes. If they’re red, they’ll be gone in 30 minutes till 1 hour,” explained Dr Irene. 

The procedures were very simple and super quick (I can imagine working career women doing it during lunch time and went back with a slimmer and lifted face!). They applied anaesthetic cream and left it on for about 15 minutes. Then, Dr Irene injected that tiny needle with Eternel Concept’s special serum on several spots on my face (not much, I think it was about 10 overall). Did it hurt? Nope, it was just like ordinary injections on your (pardon moi) bottom or hands. I was relieved to see my face reacted well to these injections. What was injected in to my face? It was a special serum (like I mentioned earlier), natural without any silicons. It was made from natural extracts of Echinacea, Guarana Herb, Okra, Pulsatilla Vulgaris, Boswelliaseratta Herb and Astaxanthin (the later is a protein occurred naturally in sea animals’ skin, with clinically proven anti-oxidant properties that are 500 times stronger than vitamin E). The serum is made in France with Nano & Pico technology, that make smaller molecules to enter our skin layers easily. This natural serum will add collagen and protein to our skin, as we lost them along the way (thanks ageing!). That explained the glowing skin bonus, as mentioned by Dr Irene earlier. 

Frankly speaking, I never done any Botox or Filler treatment before. But according to Dr Irene, this Face Slimming Injection is different from the similar beauty injections. “You will still look like yourself, with a slimmer face. And you can do free expressions on your face, too. Some will feel a bit stiff but it’s only temporarily because the serum is working,” said Dr Irene. I’m glad that there were no down time at all after the treatment, I even went to pick up my kids at school afterwards.

Check out my before after pics above. The after pic was taken 5 minutes after the injection, and my chubby cheeks that I had since I was born looked slightly slimmer with a longer chin as a bonus. Dr Irene also mentioned that glowing skin will be a bonus for this treatment as well because of their special serum. 

“Some customers showed an instant result like you, but mostly it’ll show significant and gradually result in about 7 days. The result will stay on for 6 months till 1 year, depends on customers’ age, their skin condition and their lifestyle. If you don’t smoke, don’t eat junk food, and doing regular exercises, it will stay longer,” explained Dr Irene. She also reminded me not to do facial massage for at least two weeks after this treatment to keep the serum in its’ original place. And for those who had Botox, Filler, or any other facial treatments, make sure you wait for another 6 months before doing this face slimming so it won’t overlap. 

Natural without any scars, pain of injections that I can tolerate, instant result, I can’t wait to try other treatment at Eternel Concept. Visit their website here for more infos.