Adam Reed, Celebrity Hair Stylist and one of the owner of PERCY & REED, answered: Cara Delevingne.

Of course, I couldn’t agree more with him. And I was too lucky to meet Adam personally (thanks Sephora Indonesia) this week. Surprised, surprised, they offered me if I want to have my hair cut and styled by Adam. Of course, I accepted the (too) generous offer. You see, Percy & Reed hair range products are coming soon to Jakarta, Indonesia. Precisely by late October 2014 in Sephora Jakarta’s stores. What’ll be available here? Their core products (for hair care & styling too), including (the most awaited product I supposed) their dry shampoo! For you who have been living inside the cage, Percy & Reed started from duo celebrity hair stylists, Adam Reed and Paul Percival (that’s when the brand’s name came from) with a leading hair salon in London and unique hair product range to follow. And I remember quite clearly, my first encounter with the brand was actually when I visited London about two years ago and bought Glamour UK magazine. By that time, Glamour UK was giving away free samples, and it was Percy & Reed (I believe it was their conditioner). First, I was attracted by the pretty illustration of a woman with gorgeous hair on the packaging and it blew me away when I tried it and it worked really well. 

Let’s move on to my glorious hair day experiment with Adam, shall we? Adam is just lovely, we chat a lot while he cut and styled my hair. He love Asia, he said. Especially the food, while he can’t stand the heat and the worst traffic that he’d ever seen in Jakarta. LOL. Being me, I asked lots of questions and tips. And being me, I was kindly enough to share them with you here.
Me: “What do you think differ Asian’s hair and Caucasian’s hair?
Adam: "Actually they don’t differ at all. The difference is within the weather. Your weather here is just bad for hair cuticles. The humidity and heat will make your hair cuticles open all the time. That’s what made your hair limp and lifeless. What you can do is keeping your hair cuticles closed by blow drying with cold, not hot hair. And use oil before blow drying, that should help to keep your cuticles closed.”
Me: “Should I permed my hair? I love the volumizing look it gave me.”
Adam: “Never ever permed your hair. It will make your hair look dull and lost their shine. Keep them straight. If you want to make your hair look more volumized, spray your hair brush with hair spray and brush them through. That will make your hair look volumized but still has movement, not stiff.”
Me: “You know, I colored my own hair.”
Adam: “What? Really? I mean, it was a nice color and look good on you, but you should never colored them yourself. Go to hair salon.”
Me: “What was your recipe for great hair everyday?”
Adam: “Great hair products and great tools.”

Indeed! Since my hair was colored, they used Really Rather Radiant Colour and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner on me. Frankly speaking, I was surprised that they did cleansing too (I was expecting cut and style), but hey, every great hair styling need a clean hair, no? The wonderful soft smell last long throughout my day that day. Since I decided to keep my hair long (and I thought Adam agreed too), he trimmed and layered a bit of my hair. 

And talking about tools, Adam used GHD’s products to blow dry my hair, right down to the brushes (it seriously remind me of Mason Pearson’s brush). I want! Check out the tools spread on my pic above. FYI, he only used the hair dryer and a big hair roller brush, not even straightening iron or curling iron on me to create my look above. 

It will be a perfect world if I can have all of Percy & Reed products to care and style my hair every day, but I do recommend these as a starter (and feel free to extend the list any day now):

  • Shampoo and Conditioner (for the types that suit your hair, click here)
  • Hair Oil. Their no oil, oil is super great! No stickiness, I never washed my hands after I applied it on my hair. 
  • Hair Spray. Must have. Remember the tips from Adam? 
  • Shine & Fragrance Spray. OMG, in this heat, it seems that hair got smellier easier. I have the travel size in my bag now.