Yes you read correctly. Thanks to The Dharmawangsa, I was invited to experience a whole new unique spa treatment at their spa, Bimasena.

Named The Dharmawangsa Tea Ritual, it was a heavenly 2,5 hours tea based ritual spa treatment, using THEMAE Paris products, known for their passion in tea (FYI, THEMAE is a Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony). There are 4 types of teas inside their products: red, white, green and black tea, combined with well-balanced spring water to keep its ultimate purity. Each tea bring their own benefits: red for soothing, white for regenerating, green for antioxidant, and black for stimulating. Currently, we can only get THEMAE’s products in exclusive spas (Bimasena Spa is the first in Jakarta to sell their products). 

The ritual begins with a tea foot wash (as you can see above), followed by Nepalese Style Tea Exfoliation. Using THEMAE’s Gommage The Au Nepal, a creamy body exfoliant, my therapist began to make an eight strokes on any possible areas. It was a fast movement making (literally) number eight, very funny feeling yet it didn’t feel harsh at all. The treatment continued with another one hour of Oriental Massage, which I prefer rather than deep tissue massage. Very gentle movements, yet I can feel the lightness of my body afterwards. Using fingers and forearms, the technique that the therapist got after 3 months of full training at THEMAE is not to leave the customers unattended. That means, hands on all the time during the treatment. And they didn’t use massage oil at all, which is great because most of the time, they just left a sticky feeling all over. Instead, they’re using THEMAE’s Baume Des Quatre Thes, body massage balm. Very rich and creamy, it didn’t leave any stickiness so no need to rinse. Bonus: a nice scent of vanilla! The treatment ended with Instant Glow Green Tea Facial, to bring radiance to whole. And the Tibetan Bells’ sound reminPlease make a reservation if you want to try this awesome treatment as well. You can contact Bimasena Spa (021-7258668 ext.8300).

After the spa (sadly) ended, the PR Team of The Dharmawangsa (thanks to Lira and team), invited me and fellow press to have a HEALTHY GOURMET LUNCH. Served only on Wednesday at The Dharmawangsa’s JAKARTA Restaurant, it was a healthy buffet, perfect companion after a spa treatment.