Happy Birthday to Terry Wijaya Supit. On her 50th birthday just last week, she celebrated with her friends, colleagues and medias by launching a book.

Not just a book, it’s a book about the journey of Indonesia’s very own jewellery. Terry as one of the founders of Manjusha Nusantara which made replicas of antique Indonesia jewellery, also collected most of her real antiques jewellery, shown at her birthday party. 

I was blown away by her antiques collection, mostly 100 years old of age. Originally came from Kalimantan, Flores, Sulawesi and Sumatera, check out my pics above. Made from Bronze, Silver and Gold, her antiques collection were only shown at that day for exclusive preview. I can’t imagine how pricey those jewelries are. 

For more about Indonesia’s very own jewelries journey, the book ‘Kisah Perhiasan Nusantara’ is now available here