SPANX. My favorite shape wear is keeping up with the (always) updating women’s need by adding new styles.

At Palalada, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, me and fellow hosts Melaney and Gita, were sharing our experiences with the brand which started back in 2000 by Sara Blakely. I remembered my first ever Higher Power, which was bought online after I heard Oprah was talking about the magic of Spanx on her show at the earlier years of Spanx. And I was hooked ever since. I mean, how could someone dress up nicely, but to ignorance to shape her body? And if you put an effort to put a primer on your face before make up, why not with your body? 

Dress Up and Slim Down was the theme that afternoon, went along with the red dress code. Lauren from Spanx International was there to guide us and inform us about the latest styles from Spanx. Including the one that I’ve been waiting for: the denim leggings. And what I love about the latest arrivals: some of them come with cotton gusset, so we can wear them as underwear. 

Go find them at Sogo, Seibu, Debenhams and Metro Department Stores, and seriously, you’ve got to try Spanx to believe what they can do to that fat bulges, back bulges, whatever they called it.