If you love ribs as much as I do, you’ll love this brunch.

Beef, lamb, and pork. Choose your selection of ribs or just have them all at Blue Grass Bar & Grill. Located at Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum, Bakrie Tower Ground Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia, you’ll have the brunch of your life. 

Like me, I started with two choices of eggs, cheese omelette and poached eggs with pork bacon. Yum! Then go to the salad bar and spoiled yourself. Off to the main menu, ribs. Personally I love the taste of pork ribs, for their softness and texture rather than the beef & lamb. I believe they were marinated not only with imported barbecue sauce, but with Indonesians’ herbs as well. Just look, they served the ribs with sweet soya sauce with cuts of shallots and chilis. 

Complete the food feast with a glass of Sangria Tinta. Red wine with cuts of strawberries & apples. It was stronger than I think, but perfect to wash down the ribs I just had. 

Last but not least, desserts! For the sweet teeth like me, enjoy banana stick dipped in chocolate or waffles. The waffles texture is really fluffy because they made it from the solid (not liquid) dough. Add with chocolate sauce or maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. That should complete your Sunday Brunch. I remember I was so full that day, I skipped dinner altogether.