I have to admit, I’m so into eyelashes. Before I did my extension, I was so desperate to get fuller looking lashes, I’ll do anything.

From curling with the (so called) best eyelash curler, applied the (so called) best mascara, and finally I did my eyelash extension. But after I did my eyelash extension with their ups and downs (they fell off easily, they tangled easily, and I can’t shower on my face liberally), I realized that like skin and makeup, your makeup will look better on healthy skin. So, yeah….I need eyelashes care for my eyelash problem. STAT!

That’s when APOT.CARE Lash Enhancing Serum came in. Available at Beauty Box Indonesia’s stores and online, this serum is the ultimate solution to improve the length, thickness and fullness of eyelashes. This innovative lash serum uses a highly effective P226 Polypeptide combined with a moisturizing and nutriment-packed Optiwide complex to ensure rapid, even & lasting eyelashes growth, deep conditioning & optimal protection of the lashes. What’s great about this product: it’s also paraben free and save for those who wears contacts! 

I gave it a try for 28 days (morning and night) and see the result on the pic above. My beauty verdict:

  • Very easy application, thanks to the tiny & precise brush.
  • Its’ clear texture (more like gel) made it easier to absorb too. Just make sure it dried fully before you put on eyeliner or mascara.
  • It didn’t sting, yet it felt really cooling when applied. 
  • I gave it a try on the bottom lashes too, see my pic above and you’ll see the difference, especially on the bottom lashes (they’re longer and fuller, YEAY!).