I’m in that never ending battle for super soft look and feel of long hair.

Ever since I’ve grown my hair long (and longer these days), I’m getting more serious of my hair care. Seriously, longer hair need more attention, more TLC than shorter ones. I believe in using good shampoo, conditioner and mask, as ordinary hair care products in supermarket just don’t cut it anymore (I ended with that non long lasting scent of clean hair, oily scalp & tangled long hair). 

That’s why I believe in salon quality hair products. Currently, I’ve been using the latest from L’Oreal Professionnel Innovative Serie Expert, Pro-Keratin Refill shampoo and masque. Combination of Keratin (FYI, our hair is made up of 85% Keratin that gives hair shine, flexibility & strength) and Incell work together for stronger and more resilient hair. They’ll help to strengthen weak and damage hair too! So, cleansing, strengthening & nourishing? Yup! After a week or so, I do feel my hair is more resistant to breakage. They feel softer without the oily scalp at the end of the day, easier to comb and their fresh scent last. Even without the help of flat iron, a simple blow dry made my hair looked sleek (check out my Violet from The Incredibles’ impersonation pic above #LOL).