Widen your choice of makeup, ladies. As bo.ho makeup is coming to town.

What comes to your mind if you hear about green makeup? Mine will be: natural, not tested on animals, and environment friendly (from the ingredients to the packaging). And that’s exactly what bo.ho makeup offers. Launched back in 2012, this French organic (yes, it’s organic) makeup brand offers quite a complete range of affordable makeup products. The label: bo.ho does remind me of free spirit and hippies, which are the true characters of a true bo.ho, founded by Vincent Honnart & Christele Bombana. Knowing that green makeup in the world is still very limited, both Vincent & Christele were dedicated to create a gourmet brand with natural ingredients & professional quality.

If you see the green concept packaging, you can tell that they were inspired by all things natural, right down to the ingredients. FYI, all packaging is biodegradable, as they’re using cardboard and plastics that are made for plants.

In Indonesia, bo.ho is sold at Beauty Box and the nice people at Beauty Box Indonesia sent me some bo.ho products to try. Here’s my beauty verdict (see the final result pic on me above!):

Eyeshadow (Rp 175.000): The dark purple color in PRUNE is perfect to fill up the outer corner of the eyes to create that purplish smoky eyes. Very pigmented and not easily crease, this pressed powder eyeshadow is a must have.

Compact Foundation (Rp 250.00): Mine is BEIGE DORE, and this is the tiniest packaging of foundation I’ve ever tried. Very compact, I like the creamy texture which turn to powder sensation after application. Final result: matte, even without powder on top. Just make sure you put moisturizer or primer before applying as I feel it can be too drying for those who have dry skin type and always blend.

Eye Pencil (Rp 110.000): I tried the WHITE pencil, a great eyes opener for that fresh eyes look. It has a quite hard lead to create that precise line under my eyes. Just be careful not to poke on your own eyes.

Lipstick (Rp 180.000): This red wine color #103 is really bold. I applied a single layer only for the final result pic above, because it’s really that pigmented. With its’ matte texture, make sure you apply lip balm before application to keep your lips from drying out.