No need for photoshop. No wonder Oprah and other Hollywood’s A-listers stocked SPANX and have been praising the shapewear brand found by Sara Blakely.

I’ve been Spanx’ed from day 1. When Oprah listed SPANX as one her favorite things, I just got to try them. Then, Gwyneth Paltrow came forward, claiming that SPANX helped her post-baby body. And, as a mother of two, SPANX had me at my bulge. Not a big fan of going to the gym and eating well, I have to admit that it’s ridiculously hard (next to impossible) to get rid of that mommy’s fat. Oh yeah, aging doesn’t help too. It seems like those fat begin to sag as well. Oh well, what can I do?

Of course, I turn to SPANX. I remember the pre-SPANX era, while those tough looking corsets were just horrible even to look at (might as well wearing it). Am I glad I’ve got the chance to live in the SPANX era, when the functions of shapewear meet the needs of modern women. They’re comfortable to wear and look good. And for me who live in this unbearable hot & humid city, I need my shapewear to bare the heat too. Who want to look slim but sweaty underneath, right?

Thanks to SPANX Indonesia, they sent me two of their latest SPANX for me to try: Bra-llelujah! Lace Underwire Contour & Trust Your Thinsticts High-Waisted Mid-Thigh. I love how SPANX creatively named their products. As they said: you have to try it to believe it, don’t just read my post and believe what I wrote. Look at the before after pics above and tell me what you think. There are absolutely no photoshop pics, (FYI) my hubby took the pics with my iphone.

Hallelujah for Bra-llelujah! It has gorgeous lace, and my back never look so flat. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 (again). LOL. It’s underwired to give the perfect support, but really comfortable. And the hosiery material is so soft and smoothing, it’s literally invisible under a tight top.

Trust Your Thinsticts High-Waisted Mid-Thigh is ultra thin. So thin, it really fits like a second skin and it goes right up to below the bra line (more longer than my previous SPANX Power Panties). Please mind the bulge when I wore ordinary panties (see pics above) and see for yourself how being Spanx’ed did great things to my bulge. And thanks to the sticky strips on the top of the shapewear, I felt it has more staying power than Power Panties. It didn’t roll down when I walked around. Bonus point: no VPL aka Visible Panty Lines, so I can use it as underwear.

My SPANX are so precious and I want them to last wear after wear, so I really take care of them specifically based on the information on how to launder each product. Some can be machine wash, but generally for bras, they need a cold water hand wash. After all, they are not ordinary underwear. They’re SPANX!