More skin care products are now made by cosmetic brands specifically for Asian Skin. And this product is one of them.

One more revolutionary product from Estee Lauder, Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion claimed to create a stronger more resistant skin foundation to make skin looks healthy & emanates the angelic glow of youth from within. Promising to activate the skin’s multiple pro-youth functions and sort of reset the appearance of skin. The key ingredient? Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment, which created through a highly scientific process that features a unique calibration of micronutrients & peptides with a precise blend of ferments. The inspiration? Extremophiles, a special type of living organisms, which are able to naturally survive & thrive in the harshest environment.

Yes, it is a treatment lotion not a toner, even though the liquid texture resembles one. We can use this with a cotton pad then apply by patting. Or directly pour a few drops onto the palm and pat. Me? Considering that it costs 1million rupiahs for 150ml bottle, I chose to use my hands instead of cotton pad. 

At the press launch party last April at Morissey Hotel, Jakarta, we were told that Micro Essence will work even better with Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery 2. They proved it on our back of hands, and no surprise that the one with Micro Essence applied first, absorbed the next product better. They also recommend to apply this light lotion for daily use, straight after cleansing, before serum and moisturizer. This product is great to tackle dehydration whatever your skin type is. I rejoice the fact that it was developed for Asian skin, so it’s definitely lighter and absorbs really well. Even my oily skin feels hydrated afterwards. As for the scent, it wasn’t as yeasty as I expected, so it’s really refreshing to use, especially in hot days like these couple of days.