Not just an ordinary vote. This is KISSES FOR CAUSES a vote for your own chosen charity. Yup, you are the part of this beauty universe.

Or as Suzy Hutomo, CEO The Body Shop Indonesia said at the launch event yesterday, “We’re all a share holder of this earth. I believe in 3 P’s. Planet, People & Profit. All connected to each other. Planet’s welfare will become social welfare, then profit will come." 

Back in 1989, founder of The Body Shop, the late Anita Roddick, built The Body Shop Foundation. It’s a charitable company who give money to innovative, global projects working for social & environmental change all over the world, made by profit sales of a charity product. 

In Indonesia, The Body Shop have chosen three grassroots NPOs (Non Profit Organizations) this year to be voted by us (read: customers) during a promotional period in-stores. They are: Komunitas NOL Sampah, ProFauna & Serikat Buruh Migran Indonesia which have been selected also by The Body Shop Foundation in UK. Rika Anggraini, Head of Corporate Communications The Body Shop Indonesia said at the event, "The Body Shop chose three charities with strong background, one in animal protection, one for environment and one for human rights.” FYI, last year, The Body Shop Indonesia had collected Rp 988.993.697 from 100% profit of sales of Dragon Fruit Lip Butter & delivered to three NPOs (last year they were: Yayasan Prakarsa Hijau, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation & KAKAK Foundation).

So, which issue matter for you the most this year? You have the right to choose after you purchased Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, each for Rp 89.000. Yup, by purchasing this super-moisturizing lip butter (which smell amazingly fresh & glides smoothly like butter, by the way), you (as a stake holder of this planet) can support The Body Shop Indonesia’s three charity partners. Your choice & your action will change the world, because all profits from this must have lip butter will go to charity. Visit The Body Shop store near you for more infos and how to get involved.