Don’t you just love Spring makeup? Showered with gorgeous bright colors, Spring translated to be one of the most wearable makeup in the beauty business. Don’t trust me? Check out these looks by Make Up Store.

It’s great to know that our very own Jakarta, Indonesia has the first concept store in Asia which resembled the one in Make Up Store’s native Sweden. When I met Elaine Fong, Marketing Manager Make Up Store for Singapore & Indonesia for the Spring 2014 product launch previously, she said, “Even Singapore & Hong Kong haven’t got one.” Now that they have more than 200 stores worldwide, their Plaza Indonesia store is the must visit ones for beauty addicts. Check out my pics of the store above.

Make Up Store has different collection for each 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. So you can imagine how walking to the store feels like. Lots and lots of makeup products, not to mention they also have range for tools, body care and face care too! This Spring, Make Up Store presents three collections and looks: FUSION, POETIC & DELUXE.

For red and pink colors fans, you’d be delighted with FUSION, a futuristic & eclectic interpretation of two feminine colors.

How to get FUSION look:

  • Blend the new Marble Eyeshadows in Blue Venato & Volcano to create colorful composition.
  • Apply Eyepencil in Not So Dark to complement the eyeshadow shades.
  • For a waterproof result, mix Cake Eyeliner in Dark Grey with Mixing Liquid to frame the eyes.
  • Stroke Volume Mascara to the lashes for that thick luxurious volume without the clump.
  • Pick your gloss. LED Lipgloss in Hot Pink, or Lipgloss Wand Duo in Clementis.

If you consider yourself as an artistic & dreamy, you’ll love POETIC. Sheer, romantic and light, this look also focus on nail decorations, perfect for nail art.

How to get POETIC look:

  • Blend Marble Eyeshadow in Rossi Asiago which is great as blush too.
  • Apply high pigmented Microshadow in Tiffany, Harlequin & Cava to create rich colors & long lasting result.
  • For more intense result, apply Eyepencil in Not So Dark to create that beautiful dark grey color.
  • Decorate your nails with choices of Flowers or Butterfly.

Last but not least, is my favorite look above all, DELUXE. The name said it all, it shows a luxurious look for those who enjoy all the good things in life. Perfecto! I tried the DELUXE look myself (as you can see at the pic above), thanks to Yani from Make Up Store Indonesia.

How to get DELUXE look:

  • Use Eyeprimer before applying Microshadow in Old Lace & Thistle for more long lasting effect, especially if you want them to last the whole day.
  • Complement those colors with Eyepencil in Not So Dark.
  • To add more shimmering effect, dust Eyedust in Sparkle & Umber.
  • Lipstick in Bittersweet will nurture and color your lips in the same time.
  • Top the lipstick with more sparkle using LED Lipgloss in Elegance.
  • Set the brows with Brow Set Fix in Tinted. Your guy can use them too!
  • Color those nails with Nail Polish in Jessica. It screams spring!

For more updates on products or promotions, follow Make Up Store Indonesia’s instagram @MAKEUPSTOREINDONESIA and their Facebook Page: MAKEUPSTORE-INDONESIA