If you love to eat as much as I do, there’s a (quite) new bar&grill in Jakarta that you have to try.

Bluegrass Bar & Grill is located at Bakrie Tower in Kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta. They claimed themselves in their facebook page as an Asian Fusion Restaurant and American Restaurant. I went to this restaurant before they moved to a new location, and I personally love this one better. They have a quite large space to separate the smokers and non smokers, and the bar is the heart of the it. The ambience is quite masculine, do not expect girly things inside, but it’s cozy enough for family dine out (they have Kids Meal!).

When I visited BlueGrass today, it was lunch time, so lots of working people and I spotted some expats having their lunch break there, too. Miranda Tobing, Marcomm Manager for BlueGrass said, it’s much more crowded after office hours with lots of expats and younger crowds on weekdays. I can imagine the empty bar at lunch turned crowded after the sun goes down. 

From Miranda’s recommendation, I tried the appetizer, their signature mocktail, their best seller burger and the yummiest dessert ever! Let me break it down.

Perfect Chemistry: Very very refreshing but not too sweet mocktail. Combination of peach, lychee, kaffir lime leaf, lavender & peach syrup with fresh lime juice. It was a hot day, so this cold mocktail did live up to its’ name. Perfect!

Margarita Grilled Shrimp: Not even a touch of fishy smell from the grill prawns (maybe because they marinated it with Tequila?) and I love how they served them like satays. And the fruit salsa is very fresh, it really complement the taste of the grill prawns.

American Classic Burger: As classic as it can be, with a choice of bacon (turkey or pork). And yeay! They served chips, rather than french fries (lots of restaurant bored me with these burger companion). Also on the plate, fresh coleslaw. The homemade beef patty was marinated well and it didn’t taste dry. And the buns… they’re soft without crumbles and delicious.

Banana Cake: This made me bananas! What can I say, I have sweet tooth. Served warm, this sweet banana cake has this incredible sugar frosting on top which taste cold when you put them inside your mouth. Incredible warm and cold combination of dessert. Me likey!