As I love the taste of honey, and legend said that honey was Cleopatra’s secret beauty weapon, the latest range from The Body Shop will definitely be my favorite beauty regimen. 

What a better way to experience the whole range of The Body Shop HoneyMania, than a spa treatment. At the Spa Hotel indonesia Kempinski, I got the chance to luxuriously dip into The Body Shop’s latest body care range. The range contains Community Fair trade honey collected from handcrafted hives in the Ethiopian rainforest, made from the nectar of a thousand of wildflowers, and they carry soap, lip balm, EDT, shower gel, body scrub, body butter and the innovative Bath Melt. 

My treatment at the Spa began with a warm bath. I felt like a queen bee, literally! I love the texture of Bubble Bath Melt, which really resemble honey. So deliciously looking and felt really soothing on skin, thanks to the creamy bubbles it created. And the smell is absolutely luxurious, very rich floral and honey scent. 

After the bath, time to scrub with HoneyMania Body Scrub. Don’t worry about harsh texture as I can feel it’s very creamy. Before the body massage, time to shower with the Shower Gel, my personal favorite! The soap-free shower gel will be the best way to start lathering on the scent. Next step is the body massage, using the Body Butter. I always find Body Butter is very good when my skin is very dry due to harsh weather, thanks to its’ buttery texture. Who knows it’s also good for body massage as it glides on really well? Well, from now on, I’ll bring Body Butter to my regular spa rather than using unknown oil on my body, for sure!

Last but not least, spritz of EDT will complete the whole sweet & luxurious experience of HoneyMania range. It’s very light, but if you use the layering technique, the rich floral scent surprisingly last longer than ordinary EDT’s. 

Overall, even though honey is literally the main ingredients for this body care range, they’re different from other honey products. It must’ve been the contribution of a thousand of wild flowers scent which made these products didn’t smell like (literally) honey! I love the scent and the soft silky skin result after trying the whole range. And the packagings was so attractively yellow bright, with deliciously looking honey comb illustration, I believe it’s hard not to touch them on store display. 

Remember, to always watch out for counterfeit products, therefore I always recommend to go to The Body Shop stores near you or for Indonesians, you can shop online, here