If a beauty product can be such a hot trend because lots of Hollywood celebs are using it, then I don’t see why not follow. 

I remember the first time I read about GlamGlow, the famous mud mask. I read that some of Hollywood celebs (not just the ladies) were using it right before their glam and important event, you name it, movie previews, award shows, etc, to get that ‘glamtastic’ skin. I’m so excited now that GlamGlow is retailed also in Indonesia, precisely in their own stand alone boutique in Plaza Indonesia, Level 4, Jakarta, and at Beauty Box stores (Kota Kasablanka, Grand Indonesia, Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Trans Studio Mall, Makassar and Paris Van Java, Bandung).

Thanks to Beauty Box Indonesia, I got invited to the launch event of GlamGlow and met the husband and wife team/co-CEOs of GlamGlow, Shannon and Glenn Dellimore. They shared stories behind the brand and how they found the product that changed our perspective about mud mask. 

The inspiration for GlamGlow came when Glenn who ran a celebrity event business & spa consultant previously, met Keanu Reeves through a mutual friend. Keanu mentioned his frustration with taking a jet overseas, arriving super tired, having not slept and needing to be camera ready when he landed. Keanu practically wished for a product that would get his skin screen ready. Then, Glenn thought if it would be possible to create a fast acting treatment that would save those problems. To cut things short, Glenn and Shannon came up with common ingredients in a lot of skincare products, mud and green tea extract. Shannon was the first to try the mask. Then, they gave the jar to Keanu (of course!), Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan who were visitors at the Spa when Glenn worked. And the rest is history, viva voce continues as they love the immediate glowing result after they applied the mask on their face. 

At the event, press and fellow bloggers were encouraged to try the Supermud on our noses. I felt the tingling on it, but not for long as it began to dry (it’ll dry in 10-15 minutes depend on your skin condition, the oilier it is, the longer it’ll take to dry). Half dried, I can see the dots which apparently are the oil that the mask has pulled out of my clogged pores. Not a very good sight, but afterwards, I can see my pores on my nose shrank and the skin felt smoother. Not only for pores, and oil problems, GlamGlow Supermud (in white packaging) can also help fight all common skin concerns like blemishes, spots, black&white heads, even razor bumps and in-grown hair. 

This is what I personally called the wonderful life of living in a now beauty world, where they promised faster results. Consider yourself lucky to live in this era, when there’s a beauty product designed as a 10 minutes anti aging facial in a jar. GlamGlow Youthmud is a treatment you can rely on for that immediate camera-ready glowing skin a la Hollywood superstars. Youthmud & Supermud retail at Rp 780.000 each, quite a reasonable price for imported items considering the conversion rate nowadays.

For more infos, you can visit their website, here.