Of Fashion.

Pardon me for such late post about the most anticipated closing event from Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. Friday, October 25, 2013, when 5 of famous Indonesian designers (FYI, all male) presenting their collections. 

Under the theme, “Tales of Goddess”, the designers showcased their interpretation of modern Goddess and I was blown away. Of course, a closing event has to be ‘something’ right? That’s why Dewi Fashion Knights always intrigued me for the whole concepts which brought dearly by each designer involved. They impressed me right down to makeup and hair, shoes, head pieces, hair accessories and leggings! Deep fashionable thoughts were made for this show, I believe. Just check out the pics above if you don’t believe me.

I have to admit the most wearable collections of them all was Populo Batik. First timer to Dewi Fashion Knights, Bai Soemarlono and Joseph Lim, the designers behind Populo Batik presented more than just traditional batik (all made by hand by their artisans in Yogyakarta). More contemporary batik were shown with casual yet modern cutting for women and also men.

Also a first timer, Toton Januar. By the way, he’s the youngest of all knights. But that certainly didn’t stop him to catch up with his seniors. With Indonesian seas as his inspiration for his ultra modern collection, he used lots of silk & brocade with (of course) sea colors tones. But I saw lots of white, off white to be exact. And I particularly love the sheer leggings embellished with coral embroideries. Yes, some of Toton’s dresses used traditional embroidery from West Java & Sumatra. 

Mixed of colors were shown at Oscar Lawalata’s haute couture collection. I love all the black ones (obviously), with more edgy touch to them. Even though some of the brighter colors have their interesting patterns, considering that those simple dresses were made by Moulage technique. (that should explain the beautifully draped dresses!)

Let me just say something about Priyo Oktaviano. For me, he’s like the most friendly and approachable designer I’ve ever met. And…he’s very into intricate details. Just look at his couture collection, named Galore. Inspired by French Baroque, with traditional handwoven Tapis (traditional textile from Lampung, South Sumatra), his collection looked very glam. 

Tex is just being Tex. Need I say more? But being backstage with him before the show, I can see why. He personally watched Qiqi Franky (the head of makeup & hair do at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014) did his models’ hair for his show, which was waxed with black mud. And he personally put his edgy tiara on his models’ head afterwards. That’s Tex!