So do our skin.

For me, I don’t need breakthrough research and surveys about how lack of sleep can do bad things to my skin. The result(s) will be seen instantly in the morning, when my beauty sleep was lessen due to lots of things. Surely, they don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. Eyes look dark and puffy, and worst..skin look dull and prone to acne. 

Seriously, how on earth does sleep can save our skin? Well, according to medical research, lack of sleep leads to increased levels of stress hormones in our body. It can cause inflammation within the skin that subsequently leads to an acceleration of aging. Sleep deprivation also reduces our skin’s ability to stay hydrated and supple, leading to   a dull & dehydrated appearance. And…those with poor sleeping habits might have trouble with skin sensitivity and irritation due to a reduction in the skin’s ability to protect itself from chemicals & pollutants in the environment.

It’ll be nice to know, that our skin have their own ability to repair themselves at night. But it’s hurtful to know that as we age, our bodies naturally produce less melatonin, which affect our skin’s ability to repair itself at night. So, what to do? I love slathering on serum and cream before I go to bed every night, knowing that we naturally lose moisture during sleeping time. And lately, my favorite will be Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. The 2013 version of their best selling and iconic Advanced Night Repair serum, combined the process of purification & synchronizing of night time repair so skin will look better and younger. 

At the press launch, the Estee Lauder Indonesia’s team applied it on the back of my hand, let it soak for two seconds, and sprayed water on top of it. They told me to flip my hand, and what do you know…the water didn’t fall down! It surely acts as moisture magnet and deliver non-stop hydration for the skin. The other additional benefits are anti-pollution technology to reduce the appearance of skin damage caused by UV rays and pollution, anti-oxidants to protect and repair damage to skin from daily ravages and hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated. 

Easily absorbed with no scent, I use one pump from the pipette every night on my face and neck area before my usual night cream. The result after I use it for almost a month now: let’s just say, my skin looks well rested in the morning even if the owner did not.