Last July, Mustika Ratu (which has been around for 38 years as one of the biggest jamu & cosmetic company in Indonesia) invited me, fellow bloggers & media friends to their media gathering event “The Beauty Statement”.

The event was held at their first ever Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, located in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. It wasn’t my first time there, as I visited the spa many times before. I love the traditional therapies there, and the Javanese royals ambience they’re bringing to the spa (check out my pics above).

We were break fasting together with delicious Indonesian meals, tried out new products, watched Mustika Ratu’s make up artist put on the makeup demo on one of our media friend & get an inside view about sleeping problems from Dwi Putri Yanthi, General Manager Marketing Pt Mustika Ratu, Tbk.

At the very educative talk show, Dwi explained how many of us have sleep deprived problems due to stress and modern lifestyles in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta. But many didn’t know, it’ll cause bad side effects to our own immunity systems and in a long run, will cause cancer (I’m knocking on wood three times as I typed).

Many rely on sleeping pills to beat their insomnias. But for those who opted for more safe yet reliable and natural ways, there’s help from Mustika Ratu, Sleepwell Tea. Yes, it’s tea, herbal tea to be exact. Made from natural active ingredients such as nutmeg, for quality sleep and fresher you in the morning. Try drinking one cup of Sleepwell Tea at least half to one hour before sleep. Not recommended for preggers and breastfeeders, it was said to relax and calm your muscles so sleeping won’t be an issue anymore. From a survey conducted by Mustika Ratu, 92% of those who’ve tried Sleepwell Tea slept easier after sipping their cup of tea before sleeping.