I’m writing about eye brows embroidery. Lately, it’s booming everywhere in Jakarta, with all those different names and numbers.

Why did I say “Sacrifice”? Imagine this, for a woman who washes her hair and face each time she takes a bath, it is a BIG DEAL. No water for 7 days near the eyebrows area is a BIG DEAL for me. Yup, I also freaked out about the idea of doing local topical anesthetic, since the heavy anesthetic I had when I got caesarian to deliver my first boy didn’t work on me (thanks to all those pain killers I took). Let’s just say: I am P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D.

But, having a chat with Anggie Rassly herself(the lovely lady behind Brow Studio by Anggie Rassly), made me at ease. She said, “I’ll add the anesthetic cream if you still feel any pain while I do your embroidery.” Consultation with her is the first baby step before the whole brows embroidery thingy. She’ll ask about your best eyebrows moment, that moment when you felt you did great on drawing your own eyebrows (get some pics taken while at it). If you’re satisfied with her drawings, then it’s a go. Anesthetic cream was applied by her assistant, then she put the plastic wrap on top of each brows for about 15 minutes. And it all began.

Using embroidery machine, Anggie showed me the new super tiny needle that she’ll use for my eyebrows. Did I feel the pain of the needle? Well, between yes and no. Because she only did it on outer layer of the skin (epidermis), let’s just say it didn’t hurt that bad. It was like a quick repeatable pinches. She used golden brown ink on my eyebrows, judging from my eyeballs color (Anggie won’t pick a color based on clients’ hair colors because she know they changed all the time-so me!). The whole process took about 45 minutes for me, but just a tip, spare more time to chat with Anggie, she’s really a great chatter even if she just met you that day. She said, “by chatting, I’ll know a bit about my future clients’ characters. From there, I can decide which shape of eyebrows suited for her/him.”

Ehm, him? Yup, FYI Anggie has many men clients. Apparently they wanted to get rid of their bushy brows. One of her men client, was an 11 years old boy. Seriously? “Yes, his mom brought him here, because he was playing around with a scissor and accidentally cut off his own eyebrows. So I fixed them for him,” said Anggie.

Here comes the hardest part (at least for me): not washing your eyebrows for a week. No water, no cleansing milk, no toner, no nothing near eyebrows. Pronto! So what a girl should do? Here’s what I did: I didn’t wash my face in the shower like I used to do. I used facial wipes to clean my forehead, stayed away from any eye makeup for a week and washed from eyes down only. It should do the trick, even though at the fourth days (as I’ve been told by Anggie) they’re going to be itches and flaking process (see my pics for details).

My verdict after the whole eyebrows embroidery thing? I regret all those moments in the past when I have to draw my eyebrows early in the morning while I was still sleepy and I regret that awkward moment when I popped out of the swimming pool with no eyebrows in tact. Nowadays, I wake up every morning with beautiful eyebrows. And….if I have one till two more years of these beautiful eyebrows in tact (that’s how long they’ll last so I’ve been told), I am a (really) happy woman.

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