When I heard the name Carolina Herrera, I automatically think of her classic white shirt that never (ever) wrinkled and her undeniably graceful presence.

She became a fashion designer because of her personal ‘best dressed’ style. So wonderfully dressed, her friend, Diana Vreeland (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue), suggested Carolina to built her own clothing line back in the 1980’s. So successful on the runways, late 1980’s, Carolina developed a line of perfume. And that was the beginning of the CH Fragrances universe.

This year, Carolina Herrera launches CH Eau De Parfum Sublime. The latest fragrance by Carolina Herrera de Báez (that’s Carolina Herrera’s daughter which joined the family business in 1997) inspired by the allure of a sophisticated, elegant and sensual woman (resemblance characters of her mother, perhaps?)

I was at the launch event of CH Eau De Parfum Sublime*, in Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta last July. Held by Multi Wangi Alami Group (the main distributor for CH Fragrances in Indonesia), me, fellow bloggers and medias experienced five different theme rooms, identifying the five qualities of the CH Eau De Parfum Sublime woman. Ingenious, eternal, enigmatic, singular and attractive represented in each note, such as bergamot, rose, orchid, passion flower and patchouli from Indonesia! Apparently, we have the best patchouli (yippee!). And in each room, we were shown different master pieces from Carolina Herrera’s designs such as belt, headband, shoes, hand gloves and clutch, all decorated with a pretty bow.

What made this EDP (yes they only come in Eau De Parfum) so irresistible? Well, as they said love comes at first sight…just look at the pretty bottle. It’ll surely become a delightful view for our dressing table. Take a glance and you already know that this fragrance captured the sublime essence of a woman’s femininity (just like the creator, Carolina Herrera de Báez said). Fresh, sweet, unique, enigmatic and sensual, all sides of a woman personified in a scent.


*CH Eau de Parfum Sublime are retailing at Rp 1.000.000 (for 80ml) and Rp 1.260.000 (for 100ml).