Really fast as I typed, have you had any ideas of what to give to your loved ones, or simply what make up looks do you want to pull off on that special day?

You’ll find an amazing array of gift sets in The Body Shop Indonesia’s stores. With so many choices, ranging price from Rp 99.000 (really?), the Lebaran’s gifts will be in stores from July 25, 2013.

Last week I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia’s media gathering to break fasting together with fellow medias and bloggers. The event was held at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, where the team sent out inspirational gifts and looks for Lebaran.

Inspired by Morocco, every single gift box was wrapped beautifully, it’s impossible not to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you’re a perfectionist and you want to pick out your own gifts from The Body Shop’s massive products in their stores, no fret. You, yes you, can “create your own gift”. Pick the products in stores and The Body Shop Indonesia’s team will wrap your gifts instantly in front of your very eyes.

And the beauty of Ramadan didn’t stop there. The Body Shop Indonesia’s makeup artists, created three special looks for Lebaran. Easy to achieve and not intimidating for Lebaran (trust me your parent in law won’t comment on your look this year), three looks called ‘So soft & shimmery’, ‘Bright Rosy Lip’ and ‘Intense Smokey Eye’.

Check out the pics from the event above.