Excuse me for such hiatus posting lately, as I’ve been busy with my latest online shopping craze. Yes readers, I’m officially an online shopping owner named RICHE Accessories. 

From my background in some women’s lifestyle magazine before, and currently as a lifestyle blogger, I hugely believe there’s no easier way in this world of styling to dress up an outfit than with some eye-catching accessories. You can make a simple look, let’s just say: boyfriend jeans and a basic tee or a solid black dress look visually interesting with a statement necklace.

Just like lipstick, and shoes, and bags, I believe that a lady can’t have enough statement necklaces. They’re one of my favorite pieces that will surely add dimension to any outfit. You won’t feel sorry to invest in bold statement jewels that’ll add serious sparkle to any of your outfit. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find some new love you’ll never want to take off, from RICHE Accessories unparalleled selection. Ranging from statement necklaces to stacked bangles and multiple rings, I hope you love shopping RICHE as much as I’m enjoying building it. And I’m trying my best to keep the online shopping updated twice a month. Make sure you keep on checking HERE

And last but not least, I believe statement accessories will speak for themselves. So if you’re looking for something bold but not loud, to make you look lovely for less, you are my future customer(s).