Combination of inspiring story and launch of two empowering products.

End of May 2013, I was invited to an event “The Power of Beauty” by Kiehl’s Indonesia, collaborated with Marie Claire Indonesia Magazine. The event took place at their boutique in Sogo Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, and it wasn’t just an ordinary product launch event. It was a celebration of beauty, not just skin deep but more to the beauty of being alive and healthy.

Me and fellow bloggers were lucky to hear such an inspiring story from dr.Patsy Sanayar Djatikusumo, a nutritionist doctor/cancer survivor. Yes, she’s a nutritionist doctor who got the most terrible news of her life back in July 2011. She said, “I’m the doctor to tell my patients how to eat right and to live healthy. And I’ve got breast cancer? Apparently no one can escape cancer.” She confessed that she was shocked and devastated when she heard the cancer news. “I cried every day until one day my youngest son asked me why did I cry all the time. He said to me even though I was sick, I still look pretty in his eyes. Let just say, my family support made me strong throughout the whole process.” She did chemotherapy, and like others, experienced dry cracked lips and blackened skin. Her friends introduced her to Kiehl’s. “After cancer, I became more picky when it comes to skin care products. Back in the days before cancer, if I got a little black spot on my face, I’d be panicked and instantly wanted to remove the spot. But now, I take things slow, as long as it made me healthy and alive. I’ll make sure I pick more natural skin products which are free from chemicals, colors and preservatives.”

I personally believe that natural ingredients for skin products are expected by many customers around the world who lately become more concern about healthy lifestyle. And Kiehl’s has been doing that for more than 150 years ago when they began as a New York City pharmacy. They keep updating on natural derived ingredients to make our skin healthier and beautiful, naturally. Like their latest invention for the Powerful duos, Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream (Rp 550.000) and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (Rp 395.000). Calcium PCA and Copper PCA are the main powerful ingredients in these products, which are also Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Mineral Oil Free. Known as a skin conditioning humectant to improve skin barrier, calcium also shield our skin from wrinkle-inducing aggressors. Meanwhile, copper acts as a powerful collagen and elastin building mineral that fortifies skin structure for a smoother and more youthful appearance. Combined together, these composition will help to bring our skin’s elasticity back to its’ track, resulting less visible pores, smoothed texture and reduced wrinkles.

Very interesting product to cut time my beauty regime, as Powerful Wrinkles & Pore Reducing Cream is offering a two in one solution for those like me who have wrinkles and large pores to tackle. As we all know, aging can also caused large pores. Ari Martono, Educational Manager from Kiehl’s Indonesia explained at the event, “There are two factors for aging: chronological and external. We can’t defeat the chronological factor, but we sure can slow down the external factor which caused by sunray, stress and pollution to name a few. If we don’t take care of our skin earlier, we could end up looking like a 45 years old when we’re actually just 25. Actually, our collagen and elastin production already starting to decrease when we’re 20. So it’s never too early to start.”

I wish this cream was invented when I was 20. Anyway, here’s my first verdict of the cream: The luxurious cream is as rich as it gets, really hydrating and a pea size is enough for the whole face. Soft yet creamy, it absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling upon applied. Bonus point, there’s no synthetic fragrance added. As they claimed that within 4 weeks, we’d be able to see visible results on wrinkles and skin texture improvements, I can’t wait for mine to deliver.