The answer is yes. So be prepared to say au revoir to those brittles and split ends.

The good news is you’re not alone in these damaged hair categories. “For Indonesian women, split ends, fragile and damaged hair are number two hair problem. The causes are technical aggression and chemical aggression. Technical includes: sun exposure, chlorine in water, hair styling (blow dry, ironing, combing and pony tails) and poor nutrition distribution on longer hair.  Meanwhile, chemical aggression happened due to chemical services like coloring, straightening or curling without proper treatment,” explained Hendra Purjaka, Senior Education and Commercial Manager Kérastase Indonesia.

You might not see it with naked eyes, but there are four levels of hair erosion (as seen on the pictures above):

Level 1: when hair cuticle (that’s the outermost part of the hair shaft) split with a rough surface.

Level 2:  hair cuticle is open and split.

Level 3: hair surface damaged and peeled. See the cortex layer (that’s the center part of hair which gives elasticity to our hair) opened.

Level 4: the worst condition of all when the cortex layer look very damaged with total hair erosion.

So, how to detect your level of hair erosion? I identified mine here and found out that my erosion scale is number 3. Ouch. And I thought my hair looked OK from the outside.

While highly professional diagnostic can only be done in salons, but there’s help for treatment at home. Two complete range for four different levels of damaged hair. Kérastase Force Topseal range for hair erosion level number 1 and 2, and Kérastase Force Architecte range for hair erosion level number 3 and 4.

The latest, Kérastase Force Architecte includes: Bain Force Architecte (shampoo), Masque Force Architecte (hair mask) and Fibre Architecte (hair serum). With cutting edge new technology, Cyment- cylane3 complex, the range is recommended for daily use in whole regimen to achieve revitalized and reconstructed hair at each fibre. And they’ll also help to prevent more breakage and split ends.

From now, consider any level of your damaged hair problems solved.