Ah…the never ending quest of a classic fashion item.

Carolina Herrera is a big fan of a white shirt. Such a big fan, once she said, “Trends may come and go, but nothing will ever beat a white shirt.” Errrr…she is a designer and I personally think she never had a problem with that open gape over the bust. But for us, it’s still a big homework to find the perfect one. Once I’ve ever tried that fashion trick to put on double-sided tape, and failed. It helped to keep the gape closed, but that gooey sticky thing ruined my white shirt for good.

Tired of fixing the shirt gape, I’ve lost my interest in any shirt. Until I’ve heard about “The shirt by Rochelle Behrens”. She cleverly came up with the solution for this small but pretty annoying problem. Her dual button technology seamlessly designed into each of the shirt, making sure it’ll remain close until you’ve decided to take it off. How awesome!

Instead of just classic shirts made from Italian cotton, this label is expanding to silk blouses and shirt dresses as well. I love their silk shirt dresses, which can easily go from day to night with all the right NOW colors. Currently sold in the US (Bloomingdales and Fred Segal) & Canada.