For me, changing fragrances is not just to suit my moods.

I’ve learned my fragrance lessons 101 well throughout my traveling days. Some fragrances (even those with big names) suddenly failed on me when I bought them in colder climates cities, and wore them here in my home town which is hot and humid like all the time. They just smell…well…different. That’s why I started to believe that some fragrances are just best to worn where they produced….

….until this week I was invited to the launch of the latest Diptyque fragrance, named L’Eau Du Trente Quatre in The Papilion Duo, Jakarta, Indonesia. Seems like the good people at Diptyque can read my mind and needs, they created a new version of their original 34 Boulevard Saint Germain (named after their boutique address in Paris/the place where Diptyque was born in 1961).

A greener interpretation, more playful and definitely lighter, Diptyque L’Eau Du Trente Quatre is the perfect fragrance to accommodate warmer climate and suit our forever summery mood. Thanks to the green scent of birch tree leaves, a unique cocktail of bitter orange, verbena, lemon, grapefruit and lavender as top notes. A pinch of nutmeg, juniper berries and cinnamon tree leaves sets the floral heart of Egyptian geranium and tuberose. Last but not least are the base of Virginia cedar, patchouli, a hint of incense, Spain cist and bright musk which balance this genderless fragrance into one unforgettable scent.

Diptyque L’Eau Du Trente Quatre comes in a white cap with the same oval bottle as the 34 Boulevard Saint Germain (which comes in a black cap, by the way). And its’ box represent a more feminine side of the brand, to commemorates the grey and pink fabrics produced at the beginnings of Diptyque with a special Pretorien motif. Currently, they carry two sizes (50ml and 100ml) of Eau De Toilette, but let’s hope they will expand this versatile new scent to solid perfume and home fragrance as well.