If you freak out or disturbed by the problematic skin pictures above, those are just proofs that you can’t fight against time.

Or…could be not. Do you still need proofs that UV rays, smoking, pollution and stress are so harmful to our skin? Probably not. But you’ll be happy to hear this news, 80% of signs of aging are due to external factors and can be avoided. And only 20% of aging signs are inevitable. Yes, people. Through an exclusive research, Biotherm Research Laboratories quantifies the signs of aging that can be visibly repaired. It is indeed a brand new vision of skin aging called “The 20/80 Effect”.

Like Caucasian women, 80% of aging signs on Asian women are due to UV. And the other 20% is the one contributor to signs of aging we all can’t fight, named “Time”.

So there’s hope out there? You bet. Start repairing or delaying that 80% aging signs with three different precious aquatic ingredients sourced from three different mysterious waters with three extraordinary properties for a new generation of anti-aging technology, Biotherm Blue Therapy range. Like the knight and his weapon, these trios work in synergy to help  our skin retain its’ firmness, combatting darkness and wrinkles. The range consists of Cosmetic Water, Milky Lotion and Serum.