When it feels like opening a Pandora’s box with all the beauties inside. Read on.

As blogger, I’m lucky to try out different new beauty products before they even launch to public. But I can imagine being one that eager to try but spending cash for a full size beauty product which totally new (as in we never tried them ever before), is too much to ask. This familiar situation was read by Harumi Sudrajat, fellow beauty blogger and her friends.

On a beauty day out (a lovely pampering event) exclusively for Fimelahood Bloggers United last Tuesday, me and fellow blogger were introduced to Vanity Trove Indonesia. For those who’s unfamiliar with the Vanity Trove, allow me to put it this way: you subscribe monthly for a certain amount of money, and depends on how long you’ll subscribe, you’ll receive a package of sample beauty products from skin care to makeup at your very own door by the end of the month.

Previously available in neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, now you can subscribe for Vanity Trove Indonesia. “In Singapore, they already running for a year and currently sending out 6000 boxes every month. We want to take this beauty experience in Indonesia to the next level with Vanity Trove Indonesia. You can try out different beauty products without leaving home, by just a click away. The whole experience is that efficient and super exciting,” explained Harumi. She also chatted with me how she used to be a member of Vanity Trove Singapore, and she herself experience that excitement of opening the trove every month.

Vanity Trove Indonesia’s very 1st edition (for May 2013) will be available for 200 troves only, and here’s how to get your own trove of surprises:

  • Subscribe before 14th each month
  • Redeem your exclusive gift code (exclusive for my fabulous blog readers): “SHINTARO”. Click here.
  • Starting from 25th to 31st you can expect that pretty troves right at your door.

So, what are you ladies waiting for? Go on become a Vanity Trove subscriber and indulge yourself.