It does exist. Truly.

Do you know that 250-300 million photos were uploaded to Facebook everyday in this world? And those are 175 million tweets in a day? And other 5 million a day in Instagram? Those numbers made my dear country, Indonesia, in number 10 for uploading the most pictures and status updates. Why wouldn’t I be surprised? I’m surprised we’re not number one!

Anyway, instead of just uploading your photos to facebook, twitter or instagram, why don’t you or someone younger than you show that healthy and clear skin to the world by being a model for one of the famous skin clinic center in Indonesia?

Channeling those inner itches to upload that close up photos through social medias, Natasha Skin Center (invented by dr. Fredi Setyawan), known as one of the biggest skin clinic in Indonesia, currently held “Pemilihan Wajah Natasha 2013”. For a cover girl and boy wanna be’s (age 13-18 yrs old) feel free to enroll here for a chance to get an exclusive modeling contract for the clinic and lots of prizes. For more information click here.