The beauty and richness of Indonesian heritage jewelry through the eyes of four women.

Four Indonesian women, Ria W. Glenn, Terry W. Supit, Ina Symonds and Yasmin W, are so passionate about Indonesian culture, especially its’ antique jewelries. Inspired by that, two years ago on April 9th, Manjusha Nusantara was born. Known as a handmade replica jewelry of Indonesian heritage, the two years old label brand, celebrated their birthday yesterday with fellow medias and VIP guests.

Not only showing the real antique jewelries from the golden glory days of Sriwijaya’s kingdom in Sumatra island, in metal and real gold, they were having a showcase and trunk show of Manjusha Nusantara’s latest collection named Swarnadwipa-Pulau Emas, Kemilau Sriwijaya, by models and Lions Club Jakarta Cosmopolitan’s ladies.

There was a story behind every jewelry indeed. “Manjusha Nusantara means a box of jewelry from Nusantara. We love our Indonesian culture so much, we want to preserve and promote Indonesian products not only for our own generations to come, but to the world. Our delicate craftsmanship were already known since ancient days, that’s why we also want to educate and share the story of each jewelry that we handmade, based on the real culture. So whoever wears Manjusha Nusantara will be able to tell the background or the history of the real thing, not just wearing them as fashion accessories,” explained Ria W. Glenn, one of the founder of the brand.

Manjusha Nusantara Jewelry Collection is currently available at Hadiprana Gallery and Dia.lo.gue Art Space in Jakarta, Indonesia.