From white to a perfect shade. Your own.

Don’t you hate it when you bought the wrong shade of makeup base? I do. Especially if it’s a new product and we have no clue about which shade number we should pick. Well, good to know that problem wouldn’t exist for this latest BB Cream from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream, Colour-Adapting Tinted Cream is available now in Indonesia, in three color changing tones. Number one for lighter skin tones, number two for medium skin tones and number three for darker skin tones. Just pick the shade closest to your skin tone, and let the product do the rest for you. As you can see, mine is number two. 

Unlike any BB Cream I’ve experienced before, this one is lighter in texture. It really feels like moisturizer when applied. And don’t let the white cream fooled you. Yes, it starts out as a white liquid. But once applied, the pigment filled capsules (those tiny dots) will somehow burst, released the color inside and (magically) transformed to your skin tone, leaving no trace of whiteness.  

The key to any successful application is blend, blend and blend (I used my fingers), to reach an undetectable result. It really blend well with just one swept anyway, but just to be safe. With light fragrance, it goes very sheer and subtle. It did even out my skin tone (check out my side of nose), brighten it and added healthy glow. Now, I can see why this BB cream reportedly sold every 27 seconds around the world. For my final result above, I added concealer to hide any extra blemishes and under eyes circles, plus compact powder for that matte look.

Overall, I believe The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream, Colour-Adapting Tinted Cream is perfect for our (super hot) climate as it goes really light. Just don’t forget to apply your regular sunblock beforehand as it doesn’t contain any SPF & for those who need extra coverage, keep your concealer handy.

Currently, The Body Shop Indonesia is having a promotion for this BB Cream on their online store. Go check them out.