Ladies, you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing that sudden attack is. But now, we got help.

We are busy, we are on the go, all the time. That first red stains are not just ruining our underwear and clothes, it ruined our day. Well, you are not alone. According to THINX, the new kind of underwear, two billion women on this planet earth have dealt with this ladies only situation.

Luckily, THINX did think about this. A new line of lingerie with a high performance, that is leak and stain resistant, anti microbial, moisture wicking and long lasting. And, no, they don’t look near our basic tight cotton underwear. Proof that comfort and style can exist together.

Made from a super thin high performance material called Quad-Dry BreatheTECH, they can replace panty liners on days when we forgot to wear them. Not only for women, THINX is also available for teen, and come in several designs. For those who look for slimming effects, especially to tackle that bloating tummy during D day, check out their shape wear. They even think about that horrible cramps, as they have certain types with portable heating pads hidden within that cute undies. Really. Now, this is what I call a full support during time that we need it most.