While I have to thank my mom for introducing me to eye cream when I hit my 17th birthday, I wish someone told me back then to use the complete anti-aging skincare regimen.

Not just eye cream, but the whole thing, starting from cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and night cream. It is better to stop those wrinkles and any signs of aging on your face before they do appear and become much harder to erase. Especially for us who live with every day sun, pollution and stress exposure that damage our skin constantly. Just note that premature anti-aging regimen is a wise thing to do.

Thankfully (and sometimes confusingly), now there are many beauty brands which can accommodate our needs for a complete anti-aging regimen that work synergistically. Deciding on which, for me is a fun part of being a woman. We are spoilt with choices, ladies.

Earlier this year, January 2013, Amway Indonesia launched Artistry Youth Xtend, a breakthrough skincare which claimed to reprograms the future of skin to delay aging. Who wouldn’t want that? So I decided to give them a try.

And thanks to Amway, I had an unique experience in Amway Experience Center, right here in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had a chance to try on Artistry F.A.C.E.S (Facial Analysis Computer Evaluation System), a very special machine exclusive to the Artistry brand which can personalized our Artistry skincare. The personalize analysis from the UV photo includes: skin type, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, and Porphyrin (aka acne bacteria). Be brave to see the results, it could be quite shocking to see how many bacteria living under that nose pores or those pigmentation spots underneath your epidermis are ready to show. But no worries, there’s always solution. Judging from my results, they recommend me which products will suit my combination skin best. They are a whole range of Artistry Youth Xtend range, Rich Cleansing Foam, Softening Lotion, Serum Concentrate, Protecting Lotion, Enriching Lotion and Enriching Eye Cream. A whole set to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize (day and night), that will address the first signs of aging with synergistic combination of botanicals and progressive technology.

What’s inside?

LifeSirt : a botanical extract from Mediterranean, known for its skin rejuvenating properties to extend the lifespan of healthy skin cells,

Micro-X6 Peptide : to repair skin’s existing damage and boosting collagen.

African Baobab Fruit Extract : natural moisturizer high in Vitamin A, E and F, which protects skin against future damage.

So, currently this is what I do every day for my beauty regime to achieve more youthful looking skin (and I intend to keep it that way as long as I can):

1 Cleansing with Rich Cleansing Foam. The scent is soft, I love the light creamy texture (which will produce medium foam after water contact) & the result. It cleanse well, zap my oil on the T-Zone Area without making the rest of my skin feels and looks tight or dry.

2 Toning with Softening Lotion. Not an ordinary toner, it’s liquid but it’s not watery. It’s a very light lotion, just pour a bit to cotton pads and pat gently. Instantly refresh my skin, doesn’t leave my skin dry and prep it for the next step.

3 Treat with Serum Concentrate. It will absorb in a jiffy. I just use one pump for the whole face, including neck. Do not neglect your neck, ladies. Seriously.

4 Protect & moisturize with Protecting Lotion. Since I have a combination skin, this lotion was recommended for me, instead of Protecting Cream which I guess is more creamy and suitable for drier skin. I love this, because it contains SPF 15 PA+++, so I can skip my ordinary sunblock and this really help my morning rush.

5 Boosting my skin’s ability to repair itself at night with Enriching Lotion. Surprisingly, I always wake up with more smooth and moisturized skin in the morning. The lotion texture also helps to absorb better than any night cream I’ve ever tried and it didn’t cause me any breakouts.

6 Last but not least, banishing those fine lines on eyes area with Enriching Eye Cream. Super rich texture which works well with under eyes concealer. Use the spatula provided and pat for ultra absorption.