Biotherm White D-Tox Liquid Light (Rp 695.000 for 30ml bottle).

For the never ending search of that perfect complexion, clear, even-toned, flawless, radiant, bright, glowing and smooth. If it seems to good to be true, think again. Before you (and me) give this product a try, you should know that our complexion is largely determined by light. Yup, if we can’t see that natural glow, it could be the color barriers blocked the reflection of light on skin.

There are three color molecules known as chromophores beneath the skin which impact the path of light and play a crucial role in determining the skin’s brightness, evenness and tone. Dark spots caused by excessive production of melanin, resulting a grayish complexion. Meanwhile, that yellowish sallow complexion caused by collagen glycation, which reduce its’ capability to reflect light. Last but not least is the imbalance of hemoglobin which caused a reddish, uneven complexion.

One of the Biotherm’s Whitening Care range, this latest product contains Lumina Marina Complex which targets all three chromophores. This is definitely not a traditional brightening product, with its’ ability to combat the three major color barriers. This tough yet gently brightening serum, with its’ moisturizing and weightless formulas, will help us reach our optimal skin texture and brightness.