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End of February 2013, The Body Shop Indonesia held a media gathering to thank fellow press for supporting them throughout their campaign in 2012, Beauty With Heart

The inspiring program was a huge success, so did their new concept store ‘Pulse’ which look amazingly warm and informative to deliver The Body Shop values for their Indonesian loyal customers (including me).

Rika Anggraini (Head of Corporate Communications) and Ratu Ommaya (PR & Social Media Manager) from The Body Shop Indonesia, announced 9 journalists who won cash prizes for the writing and photo competition. They also gave out many game prizes and door prizes (I won a digital camera, by the way. Yeay!) throughout the press only event.

So, what’s next for 2013? To kick off this year, The Body Shop Indonesia will donate 100% profits from their latest product, Dragon Fruit Lip Butter to three charities in Indonesia. If you buy this super moisturizing lip butter made from shea butter, beeswax and dragon fruit essence, you’ll be given one token and the freedom to vote or choose which charity do you want to support. They are: Green Initiative Foundation, Borneo Orang Utan Survival Foundation and Kakak Foundation.

Rika said, their sales target for Dragon Fruit Lip Butter (each sold for Rp 59.000) is 28.000 pieces, and it’s already available in store since the beginning of February 2013. So rush to the store before they run out, and make sure you vote.