Yes, beauty is pain. The once tidy and short bangs will eventually grow and itch and split.

But wait, before you cut it and repeatedly going through the same bangs experience again, it’s saver to keep it least for now. Still spotted at the Fall Winter 2013 runways, overgrown bangs are apparently still ‘in’. Seen here at Emilio Pucci and Anna Sui, and on the red carpets like Kerry Washington and Diana Agron.

The ‘almost poked your eyeballs’ style need a serious makeup. You see, bangs draw the focus to your eyes. Clip your bangs while doing your makeup and let’s start.

1 Rimmed them nicely. While eye shadows might not show too much, cause your bangs are covering your upper lids, you need more eyeliner. Pronto! Black, blue, violet, go beyond your wildest color possible.

2 Skip your eyebrows makeup. Don’t even bother to filling in the sparse. Clear eyebrows gel will do to tidy up. That’s why always, always groomed your eyebrows professionally.

3 Doubled or tripled your mascara usage. Long, curly and full lashes are important key to make your eyes pop, even though they’re almost half covered.

4 Put extra shine stopping powder on your forehead, please. Because split bangs on the forehead look childish and untidy. And the caused of that split bangs is…(you guessed it) shiny, oily and sweaty forehead. So keep the forehead matte.

5 Never neglect your lips. Keep it lined properly, and fill them in with a nice matte or glossy lipsticks. No need to go strong if you wish. Keep it neutral, but lipstick is a must.

6 Use highlighter on upper cheekbones. It will bring out your best feature even though your forehead is being covered.